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"Anselmo and I" is the story of Kevin Healy and his guitar Anselmo. They have been together 40 years.

Anselmo and I started our journey in 1971. This piece belongs at the beginning. We are still on an incredible adventure.

Before Tenacious D, Before Jethro Tull, at the age of 10 I heard this perfect little piece played by Segovia. I couldn't believe it was one guitar and I have been enthralled ever since.

At about 16 I had some lessons from fabulous flamenco guitarist TC. Every week when I arrived for my lesson his door was opened by a different beautiful girl just wearing one of his shirts. What a great inspiration ! He taught me this piece which I have transcribed and adapted since.

Love this little piece from "1674". Learnt it as a student in "1974" Aiming to be playing it when I'm 74. Inspired by John Williams. and dedicated to Grace.

Anselmo and I
Established 1st December 2008